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Chemical and petrochemical 

Chemical and petrochemical  - Information for Buyer!

Dear customers!

Before the beginning of the Auction we ask you to familiarize yourself thoroughly  with the advertisements put on the site in the sections “News”,  and “Registration”.  We also pay your attention to the fact that in order to become the Bidder of the Electronic Auction System you should carry out the following procedures:

1. To submit the set of the constituent and registration documents confirming legal status and legal capacity of the Bidder:

- legalized  extract from the trade register of the country of establishment;

- Charter;

- Certificate of Registration;

- the document confirming authority to sign.

The documents must be apostilled, translated into Russian and notarized. 

The copies of all the foregoing documents should be sent to the e-mail address:  with the subsequent submission of  the originals of the documents by mail to the address:

Dzerzhinskogo Avenue, 73

220116 Minsk

Republic of Belarus

RSUE “Belarusian Oil Trading House”

Department of sales organization at UTS

2. To proceed to the web-page “Registration” in the section “Chemical and petrochemical products” and fulfill the suggested form. On receiving the login and password to your e-mail you should start up the Supplement of the Bidder and choose section “Chemical and petrochemical products”.

The Training Auction for the users of Trading Site “Chemical and petrochemical products  is held daily from 16.00 till 17.00 on local time in a new version of Electronic Auction System software by the employees of RSUE “Belarusian Oil Trading House”.

For participation in Training Auction you are to register in section “Training Unit”. After receiving the login and password to your e-mail you should start up the Supplement of the Bidder and choose section “Testing Site”.

In case you have any questions on registration in Electronic Auction System and in section “Training Unit”,  and as reporting about lots put up in the Auction we ask you to address to Kravchenya Irina, Deputy Executive of the Department of sales production at UTS, by phone (+375 17) 277 19 38 Illarionova Anzhelika  or by e-mail, or to Kravchenya Irina by e-mail

UE "Belarusian Oil Trade House"

 Republic of Belarus, 220116

 Minsk, Dzerzhinsky avenue, 73

 Tel./fax: +375 17 207-47-92


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UE "Belarusian Oil Trade House"
Republic of Belarus, 220116
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